Go-with-the-flow-travel: Meet Mira

1. Can you introduce yourself quickly in one or two sentences?

Hiya, I'm Mira from London. Currently living and working in London but always planning my next adventure!

photo credits: Mira

2. Mira, Lac and I met you at the awesome Casa de Olas hostel in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Since then, you have been travelling to various places. Where are you at the moment?

Nicaragua feels like so long ago (because it was!) but that was an amazing trip! As I said, right now I'm back in London working - I'm actually in my office as I write this :( but good news is that I am currently planning my next trip which will be Sri Lanka!

3. Do you have any favourite country/city/place?

I love Mexico! I spent 4 months there a couple of years ago and love so much about it - the people, the culture, the food, the towns, the beaches, the music and the tequila!

4. I’m a big fan of go-with-the-flow travel. Do you plan ahead and always know how long you’re staying at one destination or do you prefer not to plan too much?

photo credits: Mira

I'm definitely of the go-with-the-flow mindset. I usually have a rough plan but only book my flight in and out of the country and the first night's accommodation and then see what happens. So many of my best memories and experiences are down to the people I meet so I'm always open to switching up my plans if I meet people I gel with or get given a recommendation for something I never even considered.

5. What are the 3 most important things you look for in a destination?

1. Does it offer something that I haven't experienced before?

2. Is it feasible for me to see / do everything I want to within the timeframe I have?

3. Money - how much does it cost to get there and how much will it cost once I am there.

6. How do you earn money while travelling ? Working remotely or do you pick up jobs along the way?

Travelling is my biggest splurge so I usually have money saved from work that means I don't have to work whilst travelling if I am on an extended trip. Occasionally I have though - I worked in Vivo Escondido Hostel for a month when I was in Puerto Escondido, Mexico - I got a free staff bed in return.

photo credits: Mira

7. Do you have a monthly budget when you travel? If yes, how do you stick to it? Any tips?

Annoying answer probably but not really. I always live within my means and it is massively dependant on the cost of living in the country I am visiting. Usually the places I visit for extended periods are cheaper than London and I try to avoid anywhere that is comparable - e.g. I would't travel around North America for 3 months because I wouldn't be able to afford it but I could afford 3 months in Central America.

8. What are the downsides of living the nomad lifestyle?

Even though it's not my lifestyle right now, the downsides in the past have been that it's shitty saying bye to the mates you've made. I usually travel solo and have had amazing times with all sorts of people from around the world. Sometimes it's sad that when you're back home, there's no one in your "normal life" that you can reminisce about that time you nearly missed your flight from Costa Rica because you decided to wait until the night before to leave Panama City and get an overnight bus, but then your bus broke down! And when you eventually did get to San Jose, the taxi driver nearly took you to the wrong airport! Fun times!

photo credits: Mira

9. On the other hand, what do you love most about this lifestyle?

The mates you make! I meet people I would never have crossed paths with otherwise. And it's always so great when you're able to catch up again in person in a new location like we did in Amsterdam and Aus!

10. What’s the craziest/funniest/most memorable experience you’ve had so far?

I once got stranded at night with a friend in a tiny Panama town when the usually scheduled overnight coach from the mainland near Bocas to Panama City turned out to be a minibus with just 1 available seat. It was pouring with rain and we asked a local if there was a hotel nearby, to which his response was laughter. This was 11 years ago before everyone had a smart phone so we managed to find the town's internet cafe and had to google hotels. We then ended up walking down a road in the darkness trying to find said hotel before we stumbled upon a taxi who took us to the hotel that was above the local mini-supermarket. It was actually more scary than funny...until we ended up in our room that had leopard print satin sheets and the world's oldest TV.

11. Where can people follow you on social media?

IG mirajessie

photo credits: Mira

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