You gotta love love

It’s that time of the year again when you’re spending some time with your family including awkward get-togethers, where distant relatives hug you for too long and ask uncomfortable questions. There’s a tree that takes up half of the room and Christmas cookies spilling over mum’s special holiday dish. Far too much food to be eaten in a short amount of time and gifts that were hastily bought a couple of days earlier just to lie around forgotten for the rest of the year.

I’ve spent past Christmases like that. And yes, it was as dull as it sounds.

It's that time of the year again: Christmas

Then I realised I don’t really need to see the festive season as a forced way of celebrating the birth of Christ. I don’t even have to jump on the stress train to Christmas shopping craziness.

Instead, I could spend some quality time with my family as well as friends I haven’t seen in a while. Sitting around a table sharing a home-cooked meal listening to priceless stories or getting cosy in a café over a mug of mulled wine chatting away. Not buying into the commercial craze and just appreciating nice food and good company.

Give yourself the gift of love

This year I’ve decided to just focus on one thing during this time: love. Through the craziness, the running around, the mountains of food and the rush it’s the one thing I can always appreciate. This love is not limited to your partner, it also extends to your family, your friends, places you appreciate (little bit of nostalgia doesn’t hurt), your pets, your favourite comfy woolly sweater, a delicious glass of red wine with your chocolate brownie and not to forget, self-love.

Less rushing around and more quality time with family and friends

Give yourself the gift of love this Christmas. I know this sounds like it’s coming from the dirty hippie giving out free hugs on the corner of your main street. And no, I didn’t’ indulge in a special muffin while I’m writing this. Love is the one thing that warms your heart (except for litres of Glühwein) when everyone is rushing around preparing everything for this “reflective” time of the year.

Spend a little less (time and money) finding the perfect gift and just give your time to the people that matter to you. The more you give the more you'll get back. And don’t forget to spoil yourself. Merry Christmas.

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