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A couple of weeks ago I received a message on LinkedIn from Harry McAlister, the co-founder of Ample Earth. “Yet another message from someone trying to sell his services here”, I thought, but I asked him to send me more details anyways. I’m glad I did because when he sent some information through, I saw that he’s promoting a company that stands for a good cause and he is looking to spread the word. I’m all for that.

Video and animations that move people

Ample Earth – what do they do? It’s quite simple. They bring together a quality group of award-winning video makers from around the globe to tell stories for a good cause. The topics range from leadership, environment and health to human rights, children and renewables. Storytelling is a strong tool to be heard and get noticed by the public and to get ideas across that deserve to be spread. It's an essential cornerstone for any large-scale and lasting movement of change as they state on their website.

Videos have a much higher chance to be shared online than text or images alone. When you’re spreading the word about a good cause and trying to make a change, why not use this proven medium and the best of the best to promote it? Ample Earth offers start to finish video production, film or animation, including script, music and voice from anywhere in the world. They align the most powerful storytellers on the planet with the most worthwhile and deserving causes and organisations.

Got a story worth telling?

Have you ever been captured by a video and its message and felt like you want to use this medium yourself in a professional way to reach others, inspire and motivate them for a cause that’s dear to your heart? Have a look at their introductory video and find out whether you’d like to team up with Ample Earth to make a change.

photo and video credits: Ample Earth

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