Co-working spaces are on the rise

As a freelance copywriter I have faced the problem of, “Where does my living space end and my workspace start and vice versa” many times. How can I relax at home after a long day of work if work is also where I watch TV, eat and sleep? A freelance-friendly café is the alternative but not during rush hour. And let’s be honest. We’re all tired of the waiter that taps on your shoulder asking you to buy more every time he walks past.

Working on the go is the norm for digital nomads

With the rise of digital nomads, freelancers, online start-ups and small business owners, the need for more flexible and remote workspaces became a necessity. Borderless working and working on the go are more popular than ever, and workspaces need to fulfil the specific needs of this new type of workforce. Co-working spaces are an affordable option compared to renting an entire office, which you don’t need as a one-man business. Next to a desk and a chair you’ll also get to work in a room with fellow freelancers of various business areas, which is great for networking and socialising. Especially when travelling by yourself it’s a good idea to rent a spot in a co-working space in a new city and immediately get in touch with like-minded people.

co-working spaces are great to meet like-minded people

Get out of the house for a boost of motivation and productivity

Working in bed has its perks, but if you start spending more time in your pyjamas than any other outfit and start talking to your coffee cup, you know that you have to take a shower and get out of the house. Sometimes just the vibe of motivated people around you will inspire you in a way you didn’t experience when working in isolation. Maybe you also want to spend only a few days a week in a co-working space and the rest of the week in a café or at home.

Usually co-working spaces have flexible offers, and more often than not you’ll get to take advantage of other perks like cosy lounges and meeting rooms, interesting events, a nice canteen with great coffee, after-work activities with your office-buddies and more. The sense of community is especially valued by many freelancers who work in one of the many co-working spaces around the world. These hubs of creative people are a breeding ground for innovative ideas. Have a look at desksurfing to look for your next co-working space.

Great co-working spaces around the globe

Spaces, WeWork and Impact Hub are widely known multinational co-working companies but there are many more out there to cater to various individual needs. Here you’ll find a list of fifteen well-equipped co-working spaces around the world that offer all you can ask for as a freelancer.

Agora Collective – Berlin, Germany

This hub offers an inspirational airy environment to share ideas. You can use the working room or the silent space as well the café and the garden to get things done.

photo credits: Agora Collective

CoworkingC – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Great comfort and a relaxed atmosphere – this co-working space offers its members a community of like-minded people in the heart of Las Palmas.

photo credits: CoworkingC

Surf Office – Lisbon, Portugal

Surf Office offers a unique combination of work and play with team retreat packages for a special team building experience. Next to their location in Lisbon you’ll find them in Gran Canaria, Barcelona, Malaga, Ericeira, Madeira and Prague.

photo credits: Surf Office

Betahaus – Barcelona, Spain

A flexible home for professionals – Betahaus offers affordable memberships, insurance, 24/7 access and a light speed Internet connection.

photo credits: Betahaus

Republikken – Copenhagen, Denmark

A workspace, photo-workshop and network of self-employed and creative entrepreneurs – you can stay as long as you want and drink unlimited amounts of espresso or tea.

photo credits: Republikken

B. Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The biggest start-up ecosystem in Europe – B. Amsterdam offers co-working spaces, offices, events and meeting rooms as well as a rooftop restaurant.

photo credits: B. Building Business

Dojo – Bali, Indonesia

This co-working space is located one minute walking from Echo Beach in Canggu. Dojo promotes shared knowledge, productivity and a positive social and environmental change.

photo credits: Dojo

Punspace – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Members of Punspace can take advantage of two locations in Chiang Mai. It’s open 24/7 and offers comfortable chairs, skype and meeting rooms and reliable Wi-Fi.

photo credits: Punspace

CocoVivo – Panama

This remote co-working space/retreat is a true hidden gem. Jungle, wildlife and pristine waters are at your doorstep when you need a break from working hard.

photo credits: CocoVivo

La Casa Redonda – Medellin, Colombia

A place to create and grow in community. A space where you can let your ideas flow. Daily, weekly, monthly – you can design your membership according to your personal needs.

photo credits: La Casa Redonda

Urban Station – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Their system is simple – you come in, you choose where to sit, you log on, you use the coffee break service and just pay for the time you worked. Urban Station also offers co-working spaces in Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Egypt.

photo credits: Urban Station

SunDesk – Taghazout, Morocco

This co-working and co-living space is located in a Moroccan surf village and provides you with a quiet space and good office facilities with the bonus of the ocean right at your doorstep.

photo credits: SunDesk

The Box Jelly – Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii’s leading co-working space offers various membership options from “New Nomad” to “Private Office” and all the amenities you need to be productive.

photo credits: The Box Jelly

The Farm in New York City - New York, USA

Co-working simplified – The Farm is located in the heart of SoHo in NYC and offers its members a convenient 24/7 access, a warm interior and a supportive community.

photo credits: The Farm

OPEN – Johannesburg, Africa

You’ll find OPEN in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Members can take advantage of flexible plans, great coffee, fast Internet as well as modern offices and meeting rooms.

photo credits: OPEN

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