Street art brings colour into our lives

I’m a big fan of street art. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve been to that city countless times or if I’m experiencing a place as a first-time visitor. Seeing how someone brings a boring wall to life with their vision and design is incredibly inspiring. It seems like street art has the power to wake people up from their daily rut, even if only for a few moments when they actually look up from the grey pavement and see some colour. A little smile, a 5-second stop, it’s hard not to feel something when we are presented with a huge mural that bursts of colour and imagination. Just like a mini daydream that brightens up your 9-to-5.

Street art is out there for everyone to enjoy

Street art can be usually seen outside of traditional art venues. That’s what makes it so great in my opinion. It’s so unexpected and pleasant like finding money in the pocket of your jacket that you haven’t worn in ages. There are several names for street art like urban art, independent art or guerrilla art but also post- or neo graffiti. Artists use guerrilla art or “smart vandalism” to make a statement about our society as well as political issues. Some artwork inspires and stimulates, some makes you think, other murals upset you or prompt you to take action in your own life. And some just make you smile. When I think of the art of Xander Zee, an Australian artist I met travelling in Nicaragua, I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Check out his work here.

A must-see for your next city trip

Whether it’s a message or just simple and pure beauty – street art has gained in popularity over the years, probably also thanks to the anonymous graffiti artist Bansky. It seems to be more accepted by the public, it's used by shops to draw attention to their products, and can be even found in travel guides under must-sees. Put it on your travel list for your next city trip to fill your Instagram with some great shots. When I’m visiting a city I can hardly walk past a nice mural (ask my boyfriend) without taking some pictures. Here you’ll find a small selection of some absolute beauties I found.

Vienna, Austria

Hong Kong

Barcelona, Spain

Melbourne, Australia

Wollongong, Australia

Dublin, Ireland

Toronto, Canada

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