3 reasons why you should skip lunch sometimes and have ice cream instead

Two days ago we were sitting at the table working and talking about ideas for lunch when Lac suddenly came up with a radical idea. Let’s have ice cream for lunch today. We’ll go out, sit in the sun and have a nice big cup of creamy deliciousness before we come back to work. WHAT??! I mean…could we possibly…is this even…on a Wednesday?? YES. And yes, we did. On said Humpday we gave tuna the cold shoulder, flipped bread and tomato off and openly neglected a carton of eggs on the shelf. We said Sayonara to our fridge and pantry, grabbed our sunglasses and left.

Ice cream for lunch – hell yeah

We strolled into the centre of town, enjoying the sun while chatting away. Before we knew it, we were there. Our go-to-café for badly burnt coffee and delicious ice cream. We both chose the same cup, Ferrero Rocher. How could we not? Chocolate-hazelnut-nougaty creaminess with whipped cream and chocolate sauce plus a crunchy wafer to top off this sweet creation. We knew we wouldn’t be speaking to each other during this experience so we gave each other one last encouraging nod. See you on the other side. The first time I came up for air and looked over to Lac he was only three spoons away from finishing the whole thing. I’d also done some damage to my melting mountain and shortly after, we leaned back in our seats feeling nothing but grateful and satisfied.

Even when we were already back home sitting behind out laptops I couldn’t stop thinking about this delicious treat, which made we smile for the rest of the day. This brings me to my first reason why you should skip lunch sometimes and have ice cream instead.

1. Ice cream makes you happy

It just does. No matter if you are a lover of the creamy sorts or if you prefer fruity sorbets, a few scoops of this cool dessert will lift your mood in no time. Also, it doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy ice cream. Just put a beanie on and have your ice-cold treat in winter too. Ah, if anyone is heading to LA or San Francisco, put the museum of ice cream on your list of must-sees.

2. It’s good to treat yourself once in a while

This is the spirit. If you work hard, drag yourself to the gym a few times a week and watch your diet most of the time you shouldn’t feel guilty to treat yourself to some dreamy scoops sometimes. You’ve earned it. Make sure (and I know this is hard) to bring some mindfulness into it and enjoy every spoon to the fullest.

3. Be spontaneous and your week will feel less dull

Mix it up a little. Instead of the same old lunch routine week after week bring a little spontaneity into your food agenda. How good does it feel when you just get up saying:” I’m doing something different today. I’ll have ice cream for lunch.” The same goes for a breakfast dish at dinnertime. Just go for it. Because, why not?

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