Our next adventure is calling

Time to get ready to move to our next spot again. Time for a change. Time to fish our backpacks out from under the closet, dust them off and prepare ourselves for our next journey. This time we’re planning to stay for three months in Croatia and Montenegro.

Excitement is slowly creeping into everyday life. It’s time for movement again after standing still and recharging at one place. Nurturing our tired wanderer’s feet. Now they are itching again. Itching to get out on the road and explore new paths. Walk down roads that we haven’t walked before noticing smells that are foreign to our nostrils.

We’ll exchange the comfortable with the unknown again. Our curious souls have been resting for a while now yearning for new impressions. New tastes, new sounds, new faces. It’s like being born again and again and again. Moving from place to place, getting in touch with different cultures, foreign languages, unknown traditions. We’re ready to soak it all up again quenching our thirst for new adventures.

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