A weekend away to relax and re-energize

It doesn’t always have to be a long holiday that resets you and fills you with new energy. Sometimes a spontaneous day trip or a sneaky weekend away is just what you need to rid yourself of feeling stressed or deflated.

Break your routine with a little getaway

Even if you call the most amazing place your home, and your office overlooks the beach or the jungle or even beautiful rooftop terraces – the same routine day-in day-out can drain your energy levels. I know, not all of us have incredibly demanding jobs like a brain surgeon or an air traffic controller but even in your average 9-to-5-office job you can end up working long hours without end. On the other end of the spectrum you can feel unchallenged and underwhelmed in your job, which can leave you feeling deflated and tired no matter what time of the day it is. If your daily gym session or a relaxing walk in the park after work won’t do the trick anymore to get you out of your rut, it’s time for a little getaway.

It doesn’t need much planning; in fact it’s often better if the trip is somewhat spontaneous. Get a group of friends together or have some well-deserved alone time with your partner. My boyfriend, some friends and I decided to drive down the coast (the South coast of Australia that is) from Gerringong to Lake Tabourie/Bawley Point for a little camping weekend. We booked a cosy eco-cabin on Airbnb the day before and off we went.

The sweetness of doing nothing

I can’t tell you how relaxing those days were. We bought all of our food for the weekend on the way there so we didn’t have to leave the spot anymore to run errands. Once we arrived, we unpacked and felt right at home. A hammock in the sun, a nice big table for lazy days and long evenings filled with stories, good wine and cards, lots of trees and beautiful greens all around us including a little pond and a fire pit, which we made good use of – this was better than we imagined it on our drive down.

As soon as we arrived we didn’t feel the need to do anything but hang out, read, take a little walk to discover our backyard and light a fire. No stress, no work, no obligations - just the sweetness of doing nothing in beautiful serene surroundings. On our way back home on Monday morning I felt peaceful and calm like I haven’t in quite a while. This little getaway was just what we needed.

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