The Art Warehouse

The Art Warehouse in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

In October 2014 I travelled to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua where I stayed for about 3 months. During this time I met artist Manu Barso who left her native Argentina 4 years earlier with only $600 cash in her pocket to find a life closer to nature and the ocean. After spending some time in Costa Rica and Panama, she travelled to San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua and felt right at home. She started working at a local tattoo shop and later on in a clothing store.

As time went by it became quite clear that this charming surf town would become her long-time home – but something was missing. Manu loved the relaxed vibes of San Juan but there was this itch to connect with the community and create an impact on the people living in her town. So she rolled up her sleeves, created a business plan and eventually started raising some money for her cause. In the beginning Manu organised some art events in different places around town to see whether people are responding in a positive way to the concept of her project. It turned out to be a success and soon after that the Art Warehouse opened its doors.

Manu in her element

A warehouse full of art?

Manu’s mission and passion is to promote art in Nicaragua with this project. The Art Warehouse combines five different elements.

It is an art gallery where over 15 artists are exhibiting their pieces of art for sale. Secondly, the Art Warehouse gives art classes for adults and children. Local kids have the opportunity to join those classes for free. In addition, you can also buy art supplies or rent the space as a resident artist. Last but not least, the Art Warehouse also organises and houses special events like live music&painting or different art-related theme parties like circus nights, yoga&craft and lots more.

You can’t use up creativity

The Art Warehouse is a space for creating whenever you need a little break from everything else or if you feel inspired. The more you get your creative juices flowing, the more you want to create. Manu welcomes everyone to the Art Warehouse to paint and create, get inspired and inspire others, whether you want to visit an event or just walk in and paint. If you’re walking the streets of San Juan del Sur and you come across this art space, go and check it out. After all, you can just walk in and choose your favourite painting items from the art menu. Are you going to paint with oil on canvas today or have a little fun with watercolour on paper?

Proud artists with their paintings

Here you can let your creative juices flow

Watching Manu follow through with her dream and create an open art space for locals as well as visitors in Nicaragua has inspired me incredibly, and I haven’t even seen the Art Warehouse in person yet. I can’t wait to check it out when I’m back in Nicaragua. If any of you pass through this town, pop your head in, say hi, and make some art.

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