Our trip to Japan/Australia and what I learnt from grieving

The last couple of months were pretty crazy. We left Portugal in the beginning of February to fly to Tokyo, where we spent a few days before embarking on an epic 10-day skiing/snowboarding holiday with Lac’s family. We're back in Portugal After two weeks in Japan we all packed up and flew to Australia, where we divided our time between Gerringong, where we had our 3rd wedding party (!!) at the farm of Lac’s dad, and Coolum in Queensland, where Lac's mum lives. About three weeks ago we returned to Portugal and are now in the process of settling into our house in Carrapateira. Phewwww It’s been a whirlwind. Good but also quite energy-consuming. Now, that we’ve had a few weeks in our house, we

Go-with-the-flow-travel: Meet Justine

1. Can you introduce yourself quickly in one or two sentences? Hi, I'm Justine, a French Nomad, yoga teacher, very passionate, a believer and a lover of life and the ocean. I believe that yoga and surfing are more than just types of sport. For me, it's more of a lifestyle, a way of living.. photo credit: Justine 2. Justine, I met you in a town in the jungle of Costa Rica when you were looking for a place to stay and Lac and I were frantically searching for a replacement cable for our Macs and you saved us! Since then, you've been travelling to various places. Where are you at the moment? Well, I definitely remember the day I met you, we were both looking for something, (that's one thing I lo

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Hello there!

I'm Alex and this is my travel and lifestyle blog. I suffer from Destinesia. I also call it go-with-the-flow travelling. It's when you have a travel itinerary but then you meet someone and change your plans completely or you just love a place so much you stay much longer than expected. You just go with what feels right. This is what happened to me in Nicaragua. You can read more about it here.

I'm also a writer/copywriter/translator. Here you can find a link to my online portfolio and my CV. I'm always looking for new projects and interesting collaborations. Check here for more contact details and get in touch:

Enjoy looking around here for some inspiration and most of all, have fun exploring the world!

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Weekly travel tip

I'll post something travel-related here weekly. Watch this space!


Christmas is coming. It's approaching fast. If you're in Europe, don't miss out on visiting one of the many traditional Christmas markets and have some delicious Glühwein/Glögg. Enjoy!

Packing list

You're going on a trip but don't know what to pack? For some reason you always end up with way too much? Don't worry, this happened to me so many times.

Here some tips:


  • Travel light. Pack versatile clothes and shoes and use travel-sized cosmetics for a hassle-free trip

  • Roll your clothes and stuff your shoes with socks and stockings

  • Plastic bags double up as shoe covers and storage for dirty clothes

Check out my article about smart packing for more tips. It definitely helps to print out a packing list you can check off, so you don't forget anything important.

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