Our Cocora valley hike was pure magic

We spent our last weekend in Colombia in the midst of the famous coffee corner of the country, and based ourselves in a small town called Salento. The 7-hour bus trip from Medellin was - let’s call it “adventurous” - and left us questioning whether our weekend trip away was worth it. Learning all about coffee in Salento As soon as we stepped off the small bus and took in the gorgeous surroundings we knew we made the right decision. We quickly found our hostel, checked in, freshened up and had some food before heading out the door again to check out one of the many coffee fincas around. Jump on a Willy if you need a ride We learned that the taxis in town are jeeps called Willy and that the dr

A toast to Anthony Bourdain

I’m not the only one who was shocked when I heard about Anthony Bourdain’s death this morning. Over the years Lachlan and I religiously watched his TV series The Layover, No Reservations and Parts Unknown that combined two of my favourite things: food and travel. Those shows were as much entertaining as they were informative. On top of it they were hilariously funny… he was hilariously funny. Bourdain, the celebrity chef, author and television personality came across as witty, honest, humble and pretty much just an all round likeable human being. Someone who was unapologetically himself. His passion for food was contagious. The way he connected with people in different parts of the world ove

How I keep my “problem skin” at bay while travelling

I’ve always had “problem skin”, which is just another term for acne, breakouts, spots, oily skin, etc. Ever since I can remember I battled blackheads and whiteheads, squeezed them and tried to – unsuccessfully – cover the mess up with make-up, concealers etc., which made everything ten times worse. Having said that, I think my growing laziness when it comes to putting on make-up over the years might have had something to do with my skin clearing up. In my case I can definitely say: Less (make-up) is more (better skin). Travelling is hard on my skin When it comes to travelling it’s hard keeping a good beauty routine, especially when we’re moving around a lot. What’s more, my skin always has t

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Christmas is coming. It's approaching fast. If you're in Europe, don't miss out on visiting one of the many traditional Christmas markets and have some delicious Glühwein/Glögg. Enjoy!

Packing list

You're going on a trip but don't know what to pack? For some reason you always end up with way too much? Don't worry, this happened to me so many times.

Here some tips:


  • Travel light. Pack versatile clothes and shoes and use travel-sized cosmetics for a hassle-free trip

  • Roll your clothes and stuff your shoes with socks and stockings

  • Plastic bags double up as shoe covers and storage for dirty clothes

Check out my article about smart packing for more tips. It definitely helps to print out a packing list you can check off, so you don't forget anything important.

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