In 2014 I went on a trip to Nicaragua and wanted to travel all the way to Chile. I never made it there because I met my boyfriend at my hostel in San Juan del Sur. Instead of trekking to South America I flew with him to his native Australia. Now that's a twist!

I hope that I can entertain you with my travel stories and blog posts. Maybe you'll even find them inspirational and decide to embark on a little adventure yourself. Or you are on the lookout for someone to write articles or blog posts for you. In that case, just get in touch:


This is me. Alexandra Huetter, and I suffer from Destinesia. According to the Urban Dictionary destinesia can be defined as ‘when you get to where you were intending to go but forget why you were going there in the first place’ You can also call it go-with-the-flow-travelling.


I have mastered this art of travelling over the years. In 2004 while studying in Denmark I applied for an internship at a Peruvian tour operator in Arequipa and eventually ended up staying at the parent’s house of my Chilean friend in Santiago I met during my semester abroad in Madrid the year before.


That’s life. It happens while you are busy making plans, right? The same can be applied for travelling if you give yourself the freedom of being able to float around a bit without having a strict plan. This is when you discover things and meet people by accident. People that amaze you with their stories and leave a permanent mark in your heart and in your soul.

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